How do I sign up for a Hotmail Email Account?

To sign up for a new Gmail or Outlook Reside email address, you need to go to the main Outlook website, and you can do this by going to, or by going to world wide, which now re-directs to the View homepage.

From there, click ‘Create Free Account’ and you will be taken to the outlook sign up.

The first thing you need to do is choose your new email address prefix, or username. This will must be unique, so it can't already be in use by another Hotmail or perhaps Outlook user. It has to start with a letter, but it can also contain amounts, dashes and underscores.

Automatically, the email address will have the suffix. Nonetheless, if you click on the arrow next to, you can select instead.

From there, click on ‘Next’ and work your way from the sign up form. You will have to decide on a password and enter some basic private information, such as your name, place and preferred language.

You may also need to get into a security ‘captcha’ code. On completing the form, your new email address will be produced.

Hotmail Outlook Sign Up - Quick Sign up.
This is the step-by-step quick manual for registering a new Hotmail or View email account.

- Go to
- Enter your prefered brand new email address (including or website suffix).
- Press Enter.
- If the email address contact information is accepted, click “Next”.
- Enter the password you would like to use along with your account.
- Click “Next”.
- Enter you first of all Name and Surname
- Click on “Next”.
- Enter your region/nationality and birthdate and year.
- Click on “Next”.
- Fix the CAPCHA and click on next.
- Enter an individual mobile phone number and click on “Send code”.
- Enter the code and click on next.

Your brand-new Hotmail account is ready.

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